About TeacherPouch

Nicole is an English Language teacher and Darren works in information technology. So when Darren asked Nicole what extra projects he could help her with she said, "Make a photo website for teachers to use with vocabulary words attached to them!" So the rest is history...

...well not quite! It takes a lot of time and effort to put together such a thing, but it's been a great opportunity to work together. Our day to day is taking new photos & updating the website. Nicole uploads the new photos and "tags" them with vocabulary words, Darren continues to add new features & make tasteful edits, and we've gotten a few of our family members to help us along the way.

We will continue to add new content and update the website when we have time, but we also have day jobs! We hope that you will find ways to incorporate these photos into your lessons to teach your students new vocabulary words.

Please feel free to email us with questions or comments!

A little more information

You can search by theme or use the search box.
You can search by clicking on the categories on the left hand column. If you are looking for specific vocabulary words for a story you can use the search box. For example, if you want to show your students anything associated with summer, just click on the category summer. If you are looking for pictures to explain cold and hot, then you might want to just search for those words.

We are constantly adding photos and changing the website so you may find a category or theme that doesn't have many pictures in it. You'll just have to come back again later! If you search for a word and we don't have any pictures, please feel free to send us a request.

The photos have been resized.
The photos we take are GIGANTIC in size. When making lessons you may use 10-15 pictures and having the full resolution takes up a lot of space on a word document or Smart Notebook. The small size photo is perfect for a vocabulary card or worksheet, while the large size is perfect if you want students to see all of the detail. For Mac users, you just need to drag the photo you want into your word document. For PC users you need to right click and “copy” and “paste” the photo into your document.

Currently there are very few pictures with people in them.
We hope to have more pictures with people and children in the future, but we're just not there yet.